Antarctic cruises Reviews

Flying to Antarctica on a Hercules and the Polar Plunge on the Ocean Nova

A Fly-and-sail cruise is a fantastic way to journey to the Antarctic Peninsula, taking 2.5 hours instead of 2 days by boat, but the weather can have an effect on how you get there.  After a day of set backs on 8th December, Dileep and the other 52 members of the group flying out to Antarctica on the 7-Day Fly and cruise trip with Antarctica xxi, was finally able to fly from Rio Gallegos to the Chilean Frei Station in the South Shetland Islands. Dileep has been kind enough to share his video compilation of the  C-130 Hercules provided by Argentina’s Linea Aerea del Estado (LADE). For many of the passengers on board this experience was a real thrill and almost as exciting  as going to Antarctica itself. As Dileep’s told us: ‘The interior of the airplane was a sight to behold and we were packed tightly. We were thrilled to have a snack and soft drink passed down to us. We dared not drink too much, since there were no toilets on board!’

Flying a C-130 to Antarctica

After two days of exploring the ice-choked waters of the Antarctic Peninsula, dare devils were given the option to test their bravery and face the icy-cold Polar Plunge challenge. About 15 crazy people decided to take part, not fully understanding that they’d be jumping into waters reaching 0 degrees centigrade. This isn’t recommendable for people with any breathing issues as it’s very difficult to catch your breath afterwards but luckily the shot of vodka does help and the ship’s doctor is on hand to help if necessary. We’re pleased to report that none of the volunteers chickened out and now have the honour of saying that they swam in Antarctica!

Polar Plunge on the Ocean Nova

Dileep had more sense than most and refrained from taking the plunge, opting instead to
take these fantastic pictures from Deck 4. ‘The Hotel Team rewarded us with a truly Antarctic BBQ on the freezing cold outside deck. What a treat! But we had to make a quick retreat to the warmth of the lounge!’

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