Author: Daniel Brooks

Daniel is an Antarctic specialist at Swoop and a keen photographer, scuba diver and seasoned traveller. He has explored both the Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea region, encountering every Antarctic penguin species there is to see along the way.

Epic Adventures

The quest to see Antarctica’s emperor penguins

Few travel destinations can have such charismatic ambassadors as Antarctica and its penguins. They’re a highlight of any Antarctic cruise. But there’s one iconic species that’s always high on the wishlist and yet very few travellers ever get to see them. So, just how do you get to see emperor penguins in Antarctica? Head south […]

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Stories & Inspiration

Getting a microscopic view of Antarctica with citizen science

When you slow down to appreciate the smaller things in life, magic can happen. You can suddenly get an entirely new perspective on the world. I sailed to Antarctica for all the marvels that are on everyone’s ticklist: big ice, whales and lots of penguins. Even so, I didn’t expect to have my perspective altered […]

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