Statement 28th January 12pm

In response to concerns about the Coronavirus, Swoop Antarctica are working closely with Antarctic ship operators to ensure the safety and protect the health of passengers set to travel to Antarctica this season.

The response by Antarctic ship operators has been swift and proactive, with precautionary measures being implemented which include the following:

  • Additional pre-travel screening for all passengers and crew prior to embarkation
  • Raising awareness of everyone on board to look out for early symptoms
  • Improved hygiene on board, including the availability of hand sanitisers and face masks
  • Proactive communication with passengers

For more details about the steps being taken by your Antarctic ship, please get in touch:
+44 (0)117 3690696
001 855 369 8288 (North America toll-free)

Statement 10th January 1pm

Yesterday, One Ocean Expeditions announced that they will be entering into a formal business administration process.

This latest news has brought clarity for booked customers in terms of now knowing the options. Swoop are working with our customers to help find the best outcome for each one.

One Ocean Update January 6th 2020 2pm

Official update received today regarding the cancellation of One Ocean's 17th January 2020 voyage.

Latest News

One Ocean Update 28th December 2019 10am

Overnight we've received the following official update from One Ocean, the first news of progress around their restructuring:

"We sincerely regret the impact events of the past weeks have had on you and your travel plans.  We are doing everything in our power in an effort to resolve matters for you as best we can.

One Ocean Expeditions has been working diligently to restructure our business in an effort to avoid entirely shutting down, so that we can continue to serve you, our valued partners and customers and provide further options.

We are pleased to advise you that we have signed a partnership agreement with a qualified, reputable operator.

Under this agreement we will be able to provide a range of alternatives for clients who have been affected by our difficulties.

You can expect the details of this arrangement in the early weeks of 2020. However, in the interim, we wanted to advise you of this progress.

We will be in touch with further details as soon as possible and we will continue to work as hard as we can to support you.

The One Ocean Team"

One Ocean Update December 21st 2019 9am

Official update received today regarding the cancellation of One Ocean's 31st December 2019 voyage.

One Ocean Update 13th December 2019 9am

While hopes for a successful restructuring remain alive, it's disappointing to receive confirmation today that One Ocean has been forced to cancel the planned 21st December 2019 departure, particularly for those travellers who were booked on this Christmas departure.

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One Ocean Update 25th November 2019 9am

In spite of continued efforts to reach a deal to secure the rest of the Antarctica season, One Ocean have reluctantly been forced to officially cancel their fourth departure which was planned to depart on Sunday (1st December).

It's very disappointing that a resolution wasn't forthcoming in time to be able to save this departure, particularly for those passengers directly involved. The restructuring process is clearly proving to be more complicated than anticipated; the fact that talks are still ongoing and progress being made - albeit slowly - keeps the hope of a positive outcome alive.

One Ocean Update 20th November 2019 9am

In the following letter received very early today, hopes of a last minute rescue deal appear to still remain, although progress is clearly taking longer than expected.

While timelines going forwards aren't clear, the fact that discussions are ongoing is definitely a positive sign for everyone patiently waiting for news.

One Ocean Update 14th November 2019 9am

Overnight we've received the following letter confirming the unfortunate cancellation of One Ocean's third voyage, planned for departure from Punta Arenas on 21st November 2019. While it's not a total surprise, we're very saddened for those customers who were due to sail on this trip, and disappointed that a resolution hasn't yet been found to protect One Ocean's future.

We understand that talks are ongoing and in the email from One Ocean they stated that "We will be in touch within 2 days with further progress on our restructuring".

Press Release

Swoop Antarctica ‘gravely concerned’ as One Ocean Expeditions cancels third voyage

London, UK, 14 November 2019: Swoop Antarctica, the leading travel expert which specialises in the Polar Regions and has customers in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, expressed its grave concern over the cancellation of a third successive voyage by One Ocean Expeditions. 

The latest, short-notice cancellation is the third in a month and has left customers worried about future sailings. The ship was due to depart on 21st November from Punta Arenas, Chile.

The move has left yet more One Ocean Expeditions customers, including a number of Swoop Antarctica's, with precious little time to find alternative arrangements for what is a trip of a lifetime for many people. 

Earlier this month, Swoop Antarctica stopped selling all future voyages on One Ocean Expedition’s ship, the RCGS Resolute, after the operator suddenly cancelled its 6 November sailing from Ushuaia.

The voyage on board the 146-berth ship was due to take adventure holiday-makers on a 16-day cruise to the island of South Georgia. Many Swoop Antarctica customers are also booked on future One Ocean sailings.

One Ocean Expeditions claimed the cancellations were because the company was in restructuring talks and needed more time to finalise apparent talks with a possible investor. 

Alex Mudd, Swoop Antarctica Commercial Director, said: “We are gravely concerned that once again our customers have been left in a very difficult position by another cancellation by One Ocean Expeditions.

“Their cancellation of three voyages in a row reinforces our decision earlier this month to stop selling all future sailings immediately. While we appreciate that this is a challenging time for One Ocean Expeditions, the cancellations make it very difficult to advise customers on whether future sailings will take place, let alone assist those who were due to fly out this week to board their 21st November sailing.

“As well as contacting our existing customers, we have also been receiving calls from concerned travellers who were booked onto One Ocean Expeditions’ cruises in 2019 and 2020/21 by other agents. Our dedicated team have been assisting all customers with their future options as a result of this third disappointing cancellation by One Ocean Expeditions.”

Swoop Antarctica have urged passengers to contact their travel insurers to recover any money paid out for their now cancelled sailing. It has also negotiated favourable rates with other Antarctic operators for those people left stranded by One Ocean Expeditions, thanks to its strong relations and good standing within the industry.

For further information, visit

For media enquiries, please contact The PC Agency
Paul Charles / Michael Johnson /
+44 (0)20 7768 0001

One Ocean Update 6th November 2019 6pm

In a move to help allay the concerns of understandably anxious travellers, particularly those on the forthcoming 21st November & 1st December 2019 planned voyages, we've received the following letter from One Ocean.

On a more positive note, we've managed to successfully re-book a number of Swoop passengers who were due to travel on the 6th November 2019 South Georgia voyage on Resolute onto a replacement similar voyage with an alternative operator. Please call John on +44 (0)117 992 6704 for details of this voyage.

Statement 1st November 2019 6pm GMT

“As of 8am today (November 1), Swoop Antarctica has ceased selling all cruises with One Ocean Expeditions. The decision was taken following concerns raised by the abrupt cancellation of a One Ocean Expedition Cruise to the Antarctic, on RCGS Resolute, which was due to depart on November 6. As a responsible tour operator we believe we had no option but to take this action.

“We are sorry for those affected by the decision, but our first priority is always the welfare of our customers. We are working with One Ocean Expeditions to ensure those affected by the cancellation of their cruise are reimbursed. For those customers who are booked through Swoop Antarctica to travel with One Ocean Expeditions in the future, we can fully appreciate their concern and are working with One Ocean Expeditions to provide as much reassurance as we can, as well as regular updates.”

Press release

Leading Polar Cruise specialist, Swoop Antarctica, stops selling One Ocean Expeditions cruises

London, UK, 1 November 2019:
Swoop Antarctica, the UK based travel agent renowned for their expertise especially in Polar Regions, have stopped selling all future trips with cruise operator One Ocean Expeditions.

The decision was taken over concerns raised for Swoop Antarctica’s customers following the abrupt cancellation today of a One Ocean Expedition cruise to the Antarctic.

The RCGS Resolute, which can carry up to 146 passengers, was due to depart on November 6 from Ushuaia, Argentina on a 16-day cruise of the island of South Georgia.

Operated by One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) the 8,378-tonne premium polar expedition vessel was scheduled to carry a number of Swoop Antarctica customers on its latest voyage.

Alex Mudd, Commercial Director of Swoop Antarctica, said: “The decision of One Ocean Expeditions to abruptly cancel the departure of RCGS Resolute has left a number of our customers unable to enjoy their much-anticipated adventure holiday. Both they and we are hugely disappointed by this cancellation.

“As a responsible travel agent, we felt we had no option but to immediately stop the sale of all future trips with One Ocean Expeditions and protect our reputation in the market.

”We are clearly concerned with the sudden and abrupt cancellation of the trip from Ushuaia and its implications for future trips scheduled with One Ocean Expeditions.

“Our first priority is always the welfare of our customers. Therefore, we are working with One Ocean Expeditions to understand what happened and ensure those affected by the cancellation of their cruise are able to seek reimbursement.”

Swoop Antarctica is strongly urging customers affected by this cancellation to approach their travel insurers to seek full reimbursement for any losses caused as a result of the cancellation of their November 6 trip with the RCGS Resolute.

Alex Mudd added: “We fully appreciate the concern of Swoop Antarctica customers who are booked to travel with future One Ocean Expeditions but have yet to travel. We are working with One Ocean Expeditions to provide as much reassurance as we can to those worried by today’s announcement.”

However, customers booked onto future cruises with One Ocean Expeditions cannot at this stage claim the cost of their trips back through travel insurers as no further cruises have been cancelled at this stage.

For media enquiries, please contact The PC Agency
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